Annual Club KO Competition:

Results 2018 and 2019


           The Final was hosted by Bourne End FM on Sunday May 20th.The competing Clubs

           were Bourne End FM, Colchester FM, South Essex FM and Staines VM. The Judges,

           Denis Kelly, Geoff Harmer & Ben Simon, declared Staines VM the Winners.

     The Competition adopted a brand-new format this year, with all nine participating Clubs - Hemel Hempstead MM, Harrow FM, Wanstead & Woodford MM, Walthamstow ACVC, Potters Bar FM, Colchester FM, Bourne End FM, South Essex FM & Finchley FM - presenting their 25-minute (maximum) programmes consecutively on one day, Sunday May 12th, in Northaw Village Hall.
Projection was in the hands of Competition Officer Geoff Foord (Harrow FM) & Dave Smith.
    The Competition started with the first programme at 9.30 am,
and ended with the Judges' decisions at 4.35 pm.
    There were refreshment breaks in the morning & afternoon,
and a buffet lunch break from 12.40 - 1.40 pm.
    The Judges, Ben Simon, Peter Hearn & Geoff Harmer, commented
on each Club's programme immediately after its showing.
    Excluding the Judges, around 32 people attended for all or part of the day.
Walthamstow ACVC's "Stafford Hall" (Roy Garner) was declared Best Film,
and the Competition Winner, with the most entertaining programme, was Finchley FM,
whose programme consisted of:
The Interview (Finchley FM)
Laszio - the Winemaker (Ian Morris)
Ship To Shore (Michael Slowe)
Caves And Chimneys (Ian Morris)
The audience listens to the Judges' comments         Penny Love (PBFM) on teas!          Projectionists Geoff Foord & Dave Smith