Annual Club Competition 2020

In the end, five Clubs, Colchester FMC, Finchley FM, Harrow FM, Hemel Hempstead MM &  Potters Bar FM submitted programmes for the Competition.
These five programmes were put into five separate folders on a Memory Stick by Competition Officer Geoff Foord, and, with the help of Alan Colegrave, were sent to the judges to view using "We Transfer". 
The three judges, Geoff Harmer, Peter Hearn & Ben Simon, watched them all separately at home, then got together online to decide on  the results.
Ben Simon says that  "this year's films were largely very well produced . . .  I really didn't think there was even one true dud . . which naturally made things harder to judge."
Their decisions, together with some excellent sets of comments, have now been circulated to the five clubs' Competition Officers. 
Colchester FMC's full programme can be viewed by clicking here.
Finchley FM's  & Potters Bar FM's winning films can be viewed by clicking on the title.
WInning Club Programme:      Colchester FMC     (£100 Prize)
  • Nine Things about Cambridge In Five Minutes
  • Boxted Methodist Marching Band
  • Arthur And Peggy's Continental Holiday
  • Portraits of Paris: Garden Of The Dead
  • Cut
Best Short Story Film (£25 to each Winner)
Ben's Choice:                           Roll Your Own*          Finchley FM
Geoff's Choice:                        Cut                            Colchester FMC
Peter's Choice:                         Last Orders               Potters Bar FM
Best Open Short Film (£25 to each Winner):
Ben's Choice:                            Namibia: Its Deserts, People And     
                                                 Wildlife*                   Finchley FM
Geoff's Choice:                         District 150*             Potters Bar FM
Peter's Choice:                         Arthur And Peggy's Continental 
                                                         Holiday                    Colchester FMC
(Go to "Competition History" to read the history of the Triangle Competition, and see the list of Winners.)