The IAC North Thames Region

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Owing to the problems caused by coronavirus and the fact that most of our members fall into the "At Risk" category, it has been decided NOT to hold an Annual Competition, Festival or AGM in 2021.
However, instead of closing in 2021, the Region will continue for a further year and it is hoped to be able to run both the Knockout and Annual Competitions and hold the AGM later in 2022.
The last 100 Club Draw (for October 2020) has taken place. Click on "100 Club" above.
Also, the Chairman's Report for 2019/2020 and the audited Accounts Sheet can be viewed by clicking on "AGM" above and continuing to "Notice and Agenda".
Your 2020/2021/2022 Council (Click on Picture to E-Mail)
  Brenda  Granshaw
KO Comp Officer
Regional Contact
Bob Chester
100 Club
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